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1. Preparation, Registration and Installation      2. Add Games      3. Client Interface Introduction      4. Work with CCBoot     5. Game Save

Work with CCBoot

Make iCafeMenu Work with CCBoot

You can follow the instructions as below to make iCafeMenu work with CCBoot.

1) Install iCafeMenu server.

2) Install CCBoot server on the same server with iCafeMenu server is running.

3) Set the CCBoot game disk, please refer to how to add game disk. And please note that the game disk of CCBoot must be the same disk with iCafeMenu server game disk.

4) Open the main interface of iCafeMenu and click the "Options" button on the tool bar.

5) Select the "Auto Refresh CCBoot Cache" check box in the pop-up "Options" dialog box and press "OK" button (Figure 1-1).

Auto Refresh CCBoot Cache

Figure 1-1

Note: When you use super client to update the game disk of CCBoot, please stop running the iCafeMenu server temporarily, otherwise the super client can't work. After you finish the game disk updating by super client, please run the iCafeMenu server again.

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