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1. Preparation, Registration and Installation      2. Add Games      3. Client Interface Introduction      4. Work with CCBoot     5. Game Save

Client Interface Introduction

The Main Interface of iCafeMenu Client

Figure 6-1

Website Visit

Figure 6-2

You can click the "ICafeMenu" and "e" to visit the homepage of iCafeMenu (http://www.icafemenu.com). Besides, you can visit Facebook, Twitter and search in Google.

Games and Others

Figure 6-3

This includes Online Games, LAN Games, Office Tools, Mini Games, Other Tools, Chat Tools, Computer, Favorites, Login, Desktop, Wallpaper, Mouse Properties, Input Languages, Screen Resolution, and Volume Mixer.

Food Ordering

Figure 6-4

Staple Food

Figure 6-5


Figure 6-6


Figure 6-7


Figure 6-8

Lock Screen

Figure 6-10

If you have to leave a while and do not want others operate your computer, you can lock the screen.

Game Save

Game Save function helps to save the users' game process, allowing users to continue playing the game when they log in with their accounts next time. If users failed to complete the game mission, the Game Save function will enable users back to the saved game progress.

Figure 6-12

If you haven't got an account, you can click the "Create Account" button to create an account.

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